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What is development and quality assurance?

Goodbit is a full—service company. After we thoroughly study the idea of your project, complete the design and process the project requirements, the main phase of the cycle begins. Software engineers start working on writing the project code, and they work hand in hand with quality control specialists who test this code.

The software development process includes internal (server) development and external (client) development. Software Quality Assurance testing services are performed manually or automatically. Outsourcing software testing services can be of different types depending on their purpose. The result of the development and testing process is a software product that we present to the partner.

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Why quality assurance services?

Иконка разработки

Manual and automated testing

Both manual and automated testing perform test cases and test software. While manual testing is carried out by a human tester, automated testing is carried out using written code scripts. Usually, manual software testing services take longer than automated QA testing services.

Иконка современного API

API testing

API (Application Programming interface) testing is carried out at the business logic level. It checks how the application interacts with various APIs. Errors that API software testing services can detect include unused flags, security issues, performance issues, or reliability issues.

Иконка A/B тестирования

Exploratory Testing

This type of software quality assurance testing service is conducted without pre-defined test cases. Instead, the tester checks the system on the go by examining the system. This type of testing can only be done manually, as it relies on cognitive thinking. This helps to better understand the user.

Иконка настройки компьютерных сетей

Performance testing

The idea of performance testing is to evaluate the stability and responsiveness of the application. This type of software quality control service shows why a software product may lag or fail, where is the bottleneck in the system and what is the biggest data load that the system can handle.

Иконка списка дел

Regression testing

An excellent user experience means easier user adaptation and a higher level of implementation. If the user has difficulties on the first two or three screens, he will not hesitate to close the application or website forever.

Иконка разработки UX

UI/UX testing

This type is focused on analyzing the effectiveness of UI and UX design. Its goal is to find the best way to interact a high—quality software product and its components with the target audience. UX testing is an important part of the business analysis process.

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