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Social project

The main goal of the project

Радостная девочкаПишущий мальчикРебенок, играющий в кубики

The main goal of the project

Helping children and adolescents with physical, cognitive and speech difficulties, as well as children and adolescents with a difficult family situation.

The first stage of the project

To give children and teenagers the opportunity to learn about interesting events and events in their region, as well as to purchase tickets to these events at a discount if there is a reason.

Entertainment venues, sports clubs, youth interest groups can post news about the events being held, sell tickets to the events being held. The platforms have the opportunity to set a limit on the number of tickets sold and also put up for sale the required number of discounted tickets.

Children and teenagers can register on the site. In the personal account, it is possible to link an account to a preferential category - orphans, large families, with disabilities. The user uploads the necessary documents and, after their confirmation, acquires the status of a beneficiary. Also in the personal account there is an opportunity to connect to specify your payment details. They are used to pay for tickets to events as well as to receive benefits.

One of the directions of platform development

Пожертвования для детей

Payment of benefits and coverage of necessary expenses for privileged categories of users. The ChildrenFirst project works closely with charitable, non-profit and government agencies. Currently, it is being developed in order to give a privileged category of users the opportunity to receive transfers for benefits due to them, as well as to submit applications for financial assistance with medical services such as physical therapy, cognitive therapy, speech therapy and others.

ChildrenFirst - international project

ChildrenFirst - international project

The current development is taking place with the participation of investors from Germany and Switzerland. The launch of the project begins with the city of Stuttgart and a quick adaptation to the rest of Germany is planned, as well as further expansion to other European countries.

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