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Солидный левЛокация Simia Island

Website for pre-ordering the collection

Website for pre-ordering the collection

NFT Lands

Creating a website for the presale NFT collection with a unique story and a board card game, a theme store and a blog. Also, creating a script for generating a collection of drawn layers. Based on the design, a website was created and connected to web3, and smart contracts were launched on the Etherium network.

Угрюмая панда
Остров с растительностьюNFT Islands в мобильной версии
Бешенный носорогНедовольная коалаОтпадный ягуарЗлой слонДикий кабанУмиротворенная зебраОбезьяна-преступникПрезентация NFT Islands

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