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Swine Fever Prevention

Recognition of pigs and wild boars to prevent infection with the African swine fever virus (ASF).

Project Description

Графическое распознавание свиней и кабанов

Project Description

The developed architecture is ideal for object detection. In addition to the classic floral and other layers, it has residual blocks and YOLO v3 making predictions at 3 different scales. This scaling strategy helps to accurately detect even finer details. The learning model expands with a twofold scaling. This helps to train the Model faster and make it more suitable for a particular solution.

Development methods used

Программный код

Development methods used

  • Metrics: mAP = 0,85 F1 = 0,91
  • Language: Python 3.8
  • Framework: PyTorch 1.7
  • Libraries: matplotlib=3.2.2 numpy=1.18.5 opencv-python=4.1.2 Pillow PyYAML=5.3 scipy=1.4.1 tensorboard= 2.2 torchvision=0.8.1 tqdm=4.41.0 seaborn=0.11.0 pandas scikit-learn=0.19.2
Маленькая белая свинкаПозирующая свиньяСвинья и человекМодная свинкаДружба свиньи и человека

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