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Chatbots and artificial intelligence

Automation of monotonous tasks, increasing the efficiency of your business and increasing customer satisfaction

Chatbots and artificial intelligence
Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

What is the development of AI and chatbots?

Chatbots are widely used to automate repetitive tasks. Basically they perform 4 general functions: 1. Enable self-service in simple scenarios (78% of all cases); 2. Gather basic information about the client before transferring the case to the agent (77%); 3. Provide guidance and recommendations (71%); 4. Greet customers when they call or write messages (67%). In fact, chatbots are just one of many manifestations of artificial intelligence. AI is not just robots or smart speakers. Spam filters, plagiarism checkers, sharing apps and even Facebook — they all use artificial intelligence algorithms. Your business is no exception.You definitely have at least one tedious and repetitive task that can be automated using machine learning.

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Advantages of AI and chatbots development

Scalability and integrability

A chatbot or an AI-based solution can be increased or decreased and integratedwith an existing web application or mobile application. New features can be easily added.


Chatbots and AI-based algorithms can be useful in any industry, including education, healthcare, e-commerce or business administration.


If you hire a chatbot to serve customers, you don't need to hire support specialists and pay them monthly. You pay for a chatbot only once during its development.

Friendly interface

Your customers or users will appreciate the opportunity to get help immediately 24/7.This will significantly improve your brand image and increase customer loyalty.

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