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Cloud application development

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Cloud application development
Cloud App Development

What is cloud app development?

Cloud application services range from creating a customized solution from scratch to migrating an existing system to the cloud. You can also integrate your solution with other cloud services such as AWS or Azure.There are three methods of cloud software delivery: SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). As a customer, cloud solutions allow you to delegate a large share of responsibility to third-party vendors. If you develop a software product locally, you must manage the application yourself,data, runtime, middleware, operating system, servers, storage, virtualization and network.However, if you decide to use the SaaS business model, you delegate all this to your service providers.Using PaaS, you delegate everything except applications and data. In turn, if you follow the IaaS approach, you delegate only servers, storage, and network.

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Advantages of cloud application development


Cloud solutions scale perfectly and adapt easily to workload fluctuations.

Easy to manage

It is easier for the client to manage cloud solutions than traditional on-premises solutions.

Convenient for data

Cloud applications easily integrate with the database, data is easily restored.


Cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Cloud applications are designed to withstand a large data load.


These solutions are reliable if they are built correctly and all the rules are followed.

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