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Dedicated Development Team

Hire a team of professionals dedicated to your success and working under your direct supervision.

Dedicated Development Team
Dedicated Development Team

What is outstaffing?

You can hire a development team as an outstaffing service. Specialists work on the territory of their own agency. Meanwhile, your company manages and controls them. The biggest advantage of outstaffing is its simplicity.Are you aware of the need for more team members for your project? Contact the agency providing a dedicated development team and talk to the developers they offer. As soon as you say «Deal!», the team will immediately be able to start working on your project. Yes, it's that simple.

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Why outstaffing?

Independent control of work

If you want to manage resources and control personnel yourself, a special development team is best suited for you.

Reducing staff costs

The biggest advantage of a dedicated software development team is the ability to reduce internal skill development.

Improve team skills

Outstaffing services allow you to add the best talents, skills, knowledge, experience and ideas to the development team of your project.

Meet tight deadlines

The development team allows you to meet tight project deadlines. Outstaffing will help to complete the project on time.

Gain experience

An outstaffing company allows you to fill in the gaps in the technical and industry expertise of your initial project team.

Solve critical personnel needs

If your company has dynamically changing personnel needs, a dedicated development team is the solution.

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