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Mobile development

We will develop an ideal mobile application for you — one that will provide a better and personalized service for your users.

Mobile development

Why should I choose mobile development?

Due to the rapid growth of the smartphone market, mobile development is the most popular service in the IT industry. In addition, the number of companies providing development services is huge.What distinguishes us from the vast majority of similar agencies is that,that we don't ask ourselves the question «How to develop an application?». We ask: «Why develop an app?». As a mobile app developer company, we want to be sure that our products are actively used and loved by users,and that they solve all the needs of the business owner. Therefore, our developers will be happy not only to fulfill your requirements,but also to help you collect them. We want to make sure that the idea underlying the final product is fully viable and doomed to success. Here at Goodbit, we offer custom mobile app development services. In our case, a caste is one that will fully correspond to your interests and our values.

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Advantages of Mobile Development


Computers are mainly used for training or work. For all other purposes, from shopping to socializing, people prefer to use smartphones.As smartphones become even «smarter», they are gradually replacing computers from everyday use. Thus, there is almost no everyday problem that cannot be solved using a mobile application.


The world of mobile development gives you a lot of opportunities, so be sure to use them to the fullest.Integrate your application with a voice chatbot, smartwatch, fitness bracelet or BLE beacons. Use all the features of mobile devices, including GPS, accelerometer, camera and FingerID or FaceID.


A well-planned and well-designed mobile application can withstand security threats and fierce competition. To make sure that your application is reliable, you must invest heavily in the research phase of the project. Your application will not join the ranks of applications to install, open and delete if you entrust your idea to a reliable partner.


Numerous statistics prove that users love mobile devices. According to Google, some people spend up to 70% of their time on mobile devices. In addition, 63% of users are more likely to make a purchase from a company, which offers up-to-date information through a mobile application. People prefer mobile desktops — it's a fact.

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