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Progressive web applications

Creating fast, reliable and attractive mobile web applications with minimal effort.

Progressive web applications

What is PWA?

A progressive web application is a website designed to work as a mobile application,offering the advantages and minimizing the disadvantages of both. As a mobile app, you can access PWA on the home screen. You get app-style navigation, push notifications and great visual content. Moreover, progressive web applications are fast and convenient, and also compatible on different platforms.You can share them as a URL and install them with a few simple clicks.

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Why progressive web applications?

Attractive and convenient

Searching for an app in the store is too much effort for modern users. Progressive web application technology allows users to access the native mobile version of their favorite website,without spending additional time and effort. That's how progressive web apps increase organic traffic.

Reliability and compatibility

Using cached data from previous online activities, PWA can work perfectly without internet access. In addition, PWA is compatible with all devices and platforms, namely Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. That's why you, the users, will be able to access your app anytime and from anywhere.

Quick and easy

A progressive web application loads faster than a regular website, which is important for excellent user interaction. In addition, it does not have all the panels and buttons that are in the mobile browser,therefore, interaction with the user becomes smooth and smooth. That's why progressive web applications reduce the bounce rate.

Resource efficiency

PWA is cheaper and faster to develop than cross-platform or native mobile apps. Development takes less time, and the total cost of the final product is significantly lower.


Since users access your application directly through the website,they don't perceive it as a one-time installation from the store on the principle of «click and delete». You win the loyalty of your usersthrough the website and use PWA to support this loyalty. This is how you overcome competition and take a strong position in the market.


PWA apps are more personalized than regular mobile apps, which significantly increases customer engagement and loyalty.As a result, PWA increases organic traffic and reduces bounce rate.

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