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Modern Technologies in Our Life

How Information Technology Improves Life

Over the past decade, the field of information technology has made a significant leap. Many electronic devices, automated systems, and artificial intelligence elements have appeared. All this helps to develop manufacturing, science, healthcare, culture, law enforcement, business, trade and many, many other sectors. In addition, everyday life has been greatly simplified by IT. Automated data retrieval, processing, management and exchange save time, money and human resources. This, in turn, increases productivity, work capacity, and work on business processes. IT opens up opportunities to do things that yesterday seemed unrealistic or the privilege of future generations. In particular, drone-driven cars, contactless delivery, and space tourism. But first things first.

Types of Information Technology

The main task of modern technology is accessibility for consumers, ensuring the quick performance of necessary actions. Only when setting up quick and easy access to the information resources that are involved can we talk about increasing the economic results of companies — representatives of different sectors, and optimization of working conditions for the staff of employees.

Specialists distinguish five main types of information technologies, based on the type of information being processed:

  1. Data. This can include the use of spreadsheet processors, algorithmic languages.
  2. Text. It involves the use of hypertext, word processors.
  3. Graphic Arts. Working with elements of GPUs.
  4. Knowledge. Implementation of expert systems
  5. Real World Objects. Interaction with multimedia files.

Technological innovations now support the ability to apply multiple types of information processing simultaneously. For example, applications — text editors — provide access to lists for calculating data, tables can accommodate charts, and so on.

At the same time, each of the above-mentioned types is characterized by the implementation of operations with the selected type of data. Thus, combining them or individual elements helps in the development of new technologies, especially for enterprises with a narrow specialization.

Other IT classifications

What is OIT and FIT:

  • Provisioning information technology involves processing data in a toolbox format in different industries and for performing tasks of different types through the use of a number of software tools and components. The classification of this type of IT is divided by the classes of tasks they focus on. The work of providing technologies is performed at different sites (depending on the type of PC and software environment), so when they merge on the basis of a subject service, there may be a problem with the system integration. That is, the problem with converting different IT into a single standard interface.
  • Functional IT is the transformation of enabling technologies to perform a number of specific tasks. When working with them, certain subject technologies are used. For example, a loan officer in a bank, when working with an electronic computer, uses tools to assess the creditworthiness of a client, fills out a loan agreement and term obligations, makes a payment schedule and performs other operations, using database management systems, word processor and so on.

The User can independently convert the supporting information system into a functional one, with a more complex operation this task is transferred to a professional designer.

The next classification — by type of user interface:

  • A functional type of IT is used for the application interface.
  • For the system one, the various functions for interfacing with the PC.


Technology Development must meet the following Requirements:

  • Completeness. Coverage of all necessary Tools to fulfill the Goals of the System.
  • Differentiation. The Division of the labor process in stages, phase by phase.
  • Regularity. Perform Standardization and Unification to increase the Efficiency of Action Management.

Informatization involves Training representatives of different industries to interact with information tools in order to fulfill the goals set for them in the process of work. When mastering the tools, IT companies can minimize the use of financial, time and human resources. In a broader sense, modern technologies in our lives are able to increase the level of life, work for each person.

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