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Backbone. js is a JavaScript library based on the Model-View-Presenter design pattern for developing RESTful JSON-enabled web apps.

This is a fairly lightweight library that structures web apps by providing key-value anchored models and custom events and collections with lots of API functions, all tying into the existing API via the RESTful JSON interface.

The Backbone. js is hosted on GitHub and is available as annotated source code. Also available as online test suites, sample applications, a list of tutorials and real projects that use Backbone. It is available for public use under a MIT license.

In Backbone, you can represent your data as models, which in turn can be created, deleted, and saved to a server. At a time when almost all frameworks that do everything for you require you to conform to their interfaces and set up certain behaviors, Backbone gives you the freedom to design your own web apps in your own experience.

If you want to know more about Backbone. js, get in touch with the Goodbit! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and explain more about using this technology. We’d love to help you find better solutions for your projects.

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