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What is CSS

CSS is a formal language for describing the appearance of a web page. It’s most commonly written with HTML. CSS defines exactly how HTML elements will be rendered in the interface of a page.

While HTML is the wall and all of its components, CSS is the design and paint for every web page designer. That is, if HTML reflects the basic structure of a website, CSS will give it its own unique style. With this language, you can add colors, fonts, styles, background images and influence the mood of the page or website. CSS also allows a website to be adaptable to different screen sizes and device types.

The main goal of CSS is to separate the description of the structure and logic of a web page from the description of its appearance. This makes the web experience more accessible, provides flexibility and control and distribution of elements, and gives it variety and uniqueness. That’s why we can visit a completely different site with a unique look and feel.

If you need more information about CSS, ask the Goodbit for help. We’ll provide answers to questions you may have and tips on what technologies you can use to help you develop your projects as well.

What is HTML

HTML is the standardized document markup language for Web browsing on the Internet. It’s the foundation of every web page, regardless of the amount of technology used or the complexity of the site. Everyone who designs, develops or edits web content knows and uses HTML.

In the early 90s, HTML was the only language available on the web. But things have changed, and there have been major advances in the development of technology for web development. So today another programming language, JavaScript, takes the place of HTML.

Elements of HTML are identified by what’s called tags, which are enclosed in angle brackets. HTML uses tags to identify different types of text and content in general, and the intent of a developer or user on a page on the web.

HTML allows you to add headlines to a page, format paragraphs and line breaks, create lists, highlight text, create special characters, links, tables, add quotes, images, videos and banners, control the style, size, and amount of text, and more.

If you need more information about HTML, contact Glance for help. We’ll answer your questions and provide suggestions about what technologies you can use to help you develop your projects as well.

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