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Иконка технологии flutter


Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI development kit created by Google and released in May 2017. With Flutter, it is possible to create your own mobile app with a single array of code, making an app for (iOS and Android) at the same time. You can use a single programming language and a single code base

The language used for such development is Dart. It’s also a language Google created in October 2011, but has grown significantly in recent years. The focus of this language is on the development of web page layout, and it can also be easily used to create mobile and web applications.

At Goodbit, we’re really excited about the continued evolution of Dart and Flutter: the more powerful they become, the better mobile app solutions we can develop for our customers and partners, many of whom have already experienced firsthand the benefits that the Dart ecosystem brings to supercharged development!

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Flutter is actively promoted by Google, is gradually gaining popularity and, most likely, will continue to crowd out other cross-platform development tools currently used.

Proprietary graphics engine

There is no need to make the interface separately for Android and iOS.The interface is created using code, which is why the line between logic and design is much thinner.

Flutter framework uses Dart

A mobile application is being created in the Dart programming language with a description of the graphical interface and all the logic of work.At the same time, a single screen is created in the native part of the application, where the Dart virtual machine is loaded, which executes Flutter.

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