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Иконка технологии hsql

What is HSQL

Hyper SQL Database is a modern relational database management system that is used for the development, testing and deployment of database applications. It is also called a database manager. HSQLDB complies with the SQL:2011 standard and JDBC 4 specifications, and also supports the basic functions of RDBMS.

The uniqueness of the system is that it has a standard match. This allows you to provide access to the database in the user's application process, on the application server, as well as as a separate server process.

HSQLDB uses an in-memory structure for high-speed work with database servers, as well as disk persistence corresponding to user flexibility, and reliable recovery after any technical failure.

The system is suitable for business analytics, ETL and other services and applications that need to participate in the processing of a large amount of data.

HSQLDB is also written in Java, has a small size and runs on a Java virtual machine, supporting the JDBC interface for accessing the database. HSQLDB can be used both as a library and directly in the program code.

The HSQLDB database management system is used in such programs as: LibreOffice, Openfire, JAMWiki.

If you need more detailed information about using HSQLDB, feel free to contact Goodbit for help. We will answer any questions you may have, as well as tell you what other technologies you can use in the development of your projects!

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