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Иконка технологии kotlin

What is KOTLIN

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language from JetBrains, which has supplanted Java, becoming a very important tool for Android developers. Interestingly, the language is named after Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. It is there that the city of forts – Kronstadt is located. In 2017, Kotlin was used by about one million specialists, but they lacked support on Android. After a while, Google went to a meeting with programmers and approved Kotlin as a priority language on Android. The advantages of Kotlin are obvious: compatibility with Java, which allows you to use both languages in one project, compactness and expressiveness, which allows it to be several times shorter than the Java code and not clog up the syntax with unnecessary auxiliary constructs, security, which constantly automatically checks data types, tracks null values, and also prevents NullPointerException, what Java lacks. One of the disadvantages is unpredictable, most often low compilation speed, a small community and the only owner of the language. Kotlin is used to create mobile applications, web development, multiplatform programming, backend and other things. Today, Google, Netflix, Uber and some other companies have begun to translate some of their products into the Kotlin programming language more often.

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