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Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that was developed by Microsoft. The main query language is Transact-SQL, which was also created by Microsoft, but in conjunction with Sybase.

This language is used to work with personal databases, as well as with highly loaded projects and huge enterprises. It is due to the flexibility in size that MS SQL Server competes with other database management systems in this market segment.

SQL has been a Windows-only database management system for a very long time, but since version 16, it has also become available on Linux.

Today, MS SQL has such characteristics as performance that allows you to work quickly, reliability and security that allow you to securely encrypt data, simplicity that makes it easy to work with the system and intuitively administer it.

MS SQL Server uses a relational model that implies storing data in the form of tables, each of which consists of rows and columns. Individual objects are placed in rows, and attributes of these objects are placed in columns.

If you need more detailed information about using MS SQL Server, feel free to contact Goodbit for help. We will answer your questions and tell you which similar technologies you can use in the development of your projects.

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