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A database management system that turned out to be simple and secure for server-side development.

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What is MYSQL

MySQL is a relational database management system, the most popular and one of the most secure databases in the field. It’s easy to work with because it has all the features you need and doesn’t offer any unnecessary features. A basic knowledge of SQL is enough to understand and master the technology.

MySQL is ideal for data warehousing, e-commerce and logging applications. However, it is a technology that is primarily used for web-based database applications. MySQL has very clear and detailed documentation and the support community is large. So when you use MySQL database management for your web or mobile app, you can be confident that this technology won’t become obsolete anytime soon.

As of January 2022, MySQL is the #2 most popular database management system according to DB Engines. Its users include Netflix, Facebook and Spotify. If you’re considering MySQL for your business, contact us and we’ll find MySQL developers who can work solely on your database design and development.

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Why you should choose a technology MYSQL?


MySQL can handle large data streams and can be configured to manage more than 8 TB of data. The database is protected by password encryption and user rights.


The MySQL database is the most popular, as numerous surveys and reports show. Google, Wiki, NASA, Twitter, WordPress and Walmart prefer MySQL to other databases.

High performance

MySQL database management system supports almost all programming languages and operating systems. So you can use it to develop the backend of almost any application for any device.

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