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Getting benefits from using the same code base for different operating systems

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React Native is a Javascript-based open-source mobile app platform developed by Facebook. Creating a separate app for each platform is time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. React Native conquered the world of technology, offering the possibility of cross-platform development. The question is how React Native app development differs from other cross-platform development platforms.

React Native helps you quickly and easily develop mobile apps for different operating systems using the same codebase. This technology is good for projects with simple functionality, ecommerce, social media, Javascript-based apps, and rapid development in short iterations. Because React Native allows us to render the app natively, we get much faster speed than other cross-platform frameworks.

Hybrid and mobile web apps were initially in high demand because of their uniqueness. However, the more complex an app, the more buggy it became. As a result, React Native was created to simplify development. With React Native, you can connect JS to native code and native functions built in.

Today, React Native app development services have tremendous community support. Hundreds of businesses and industries around the world have successfully adopted React Native. The technology has been chosen as a good solution for mobile development by companies such as Uber, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest.

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Why you should choose a technology REACT NATIVE?

Rapid development

You get efficient development for multiple platforms. Using the same code base leads to rapid development, simple and cheap maintenance, automatic code changes in real time,

Cost efficiency

Thanks to the multiple use of code on multiple platforms, you will need one team to develop several similar operating products.

Wide audience

React Native services give you access to a wider user base. Since the software works for iOS and Android users, you don't have to decide which audience to target.

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