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Иконка технологии redis

What is REDIS

Redis or Remote dictionary server is an open source NoSQL class resident database management system that is used as a storage, cache and message broker.

Redis provides a response time of fractions of a millisecond, allowing applications that run in real time to execute millions or even more requests per second.

Redis provides data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, bitmaps, streams, indexes, and more. It has built-in replication, various levels of persistence on disk, and also provides high availability and automatic partitioning.

In order to get maximum performance, Redis works with a set of data inside memory. Depending on the need and desire, the user can save their data or upload it to disk from time to time.

Redis can also be used in most programming languages, but it is developed and tested mainly in Linux or OS X. Redis does not have official support on Windows.

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