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Иконка технологии rest

What is it REST

Computer scientist Roy Fielding first introduced REST (Representational State Transfer), which allows interaction with RESTful web services. The REST API is an architectural style and approach to large-scale networked software. It allows systems to communicate with each other. With its emphasis on ease of sharing and scalability, REST provides a way to define and access distributed data objects or resources.

REST aims to create a view of an object’s current state and present it over the web. We can get the content of resources in a variety of formats, such as HTML, XML, PDF, JPEG, JSON and others. We access and use metadata about the resources to manage caching, find transmission errors, negotiate a specific presentation format, fully authenticate or control access.

REST offers 6 critical constraints that show that any web service is truly a RESTful API service. These are: a single interface based on HTTP protocols, no state saving, caching that improves performance, scalability, and better server utilization, a separate and independent client-server system, a multi-tiered system, code on demand that allows code or applets to be passed through the API and used in the application.

REST defines how we browse, change, and share content across the web. Many popular web and cloud companies have tested and used REST APIs for their apps: Facebook, Twitter, Goggle, Youtube. Among the REST API development companies you can contact us. Our REST developers will do their best to help you develop a true RESTful API project or provide another effective solution for your business.

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Why you should choose a technology REST?


Since data is not tied to resources, REST can handle several types of calls,return data in various formats and change the structure with proper hypermedia integration.

Easy to integrate

A truly REST API can be found at the first URL. This simplifies the process for developers trying to connect to your API.

Easy to implement

REST was designed to work over HTTP using the well-known GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods. All the limitations are clear and help to increase the productivity of your development team.

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