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Иконка технологии scipy

What is SCIPY

SciPy or "Say-pai" is an open source Python programming language library that is designed to solve scientific, engineering and mathematical problems and calculations.

Among the functions performed by the library: search for minima and maxima of functions, calculation of integrals of functions, support for special functions, signal and image processing, work with genetic algorithms, solving ordinary differential equations.

It is built on the basis of NumPy, another library, and allows you to manage data, as well as visualize them using various high-level commands. It is due to the basis in the form of NumPy that SciPy quickly and conveniently performs manipulations with the sizes of any arrays, and also provides many effective numerical methods. Together with NumPy, they are quickly installed, work for free and on all operating systems.

Both NumPy and SciPy are used for mathematical and numerical analysis, but SciPy differs in that it consists of numerical code. It is in SciPy that the functions for working with linear algebra and others are presented in full form. By the way, if you import SciPy, then you don't need to import NumPy anymore.

The target audience of SciPy is users of MATLAB and SciLab products.

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