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What is VUE.JS

In 2013, one of Google’s former developers, Evan Yu, decided to create Vue.js. His goal was to combine the power of Angular and the speed of React into one technology. His work resulted in a framework with clean code and unprecedented speed. Today Vue.js is one of the «Big Three» frontend development frameworks.

Vue.js is an open source JS framework for creating functional, adaptive, and beautiful user interfaces. It enables you to develop software of all sizes quickly and with high quality. Being easily accessible, Vue.js gives developers the ability to create flawless applications. They work great on any device or screen size.

Enterprise giants like Adobe, WizzAir and Glovo are realizing the power of Vue.js in their solutions. Plus, Vue.js is ideal for MVP development because it’s quick to set up and install. Dedicated Vue.js developers don’t need to spend extra hours on optimization. Vue.js and Nuxt.js, the framework built on top of Vue, are also ideal for PWA development.

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Why you should choose a technology VUE.JS?


Experienced Vue developers.js creates a convenient ecosystem. We can create universal digital Vue.js products, integrating libraries and advanced tools. This allows you to quickly develop applications of any size and purpose.


Vue.js can be used to extend the software development process.It is compatible with single-page applications. A simple Vue.js core with an easily adaptable technology stack can be integrated with any application


Vue.js uses a vertual DOM, which increases speed and performance. This technology is often faster than React. Its MVVM architecture allows you to minimize HTML blocks and improve performance.

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