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Xamarin is an open source platform that was created to build modern high–performance applications for iOS, Android and Windows using the implementation of the platform.NET – Mono. The implementation of this project includes its own C# compiler, a managed environment, as well as libraries. The goal of the project is to make it possible to run a program written in C# on operating systems that differ from WIndows. Xamarin also allows 90% of the application code to be used unchanged on different platforms.

Xamarin is an abstraction layer that provides management of the interaction between the common code and the code of the underlying platform.

Xamarin applications can be written on personal computers or compiled into their own application packages with various extensions.

With Xamarin, a developer can write the platform's business logic in one language or use existing application code, while obtaining design, behavior, and performance characteristics that correspond to each of the respective platforms. The platform also helps to share code, tests or business logic on various platforms, write cross-platform applications in C# in Visual Studio.

Using Xamarin in business allows you to almost halve the time and cost of development while maintaining the necessary quality and functionality. The result is an application that could have been written in native programming languages, but was made for little money and in a short time.

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