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What is UI/UX design?

UI/UX design is the process of developing the interface of a software product and creating as perfect a user interface as possible. Whether you plan to develop an application from scratch or update an existing one, you should keep in mind its appearance.

The purpose of user interface design is to understand the needs and wishes of a potential user and implement them in the application interface. In turn, the idea of user interface design is to make your application look great without compromising the user interface.

Although the general term for the design process is «UI/UX design», you should understand that the user experience is most important. No matter how beautiful and unusual your application is, it will not work if your users get lost in it.

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Why choose UI/UX design?

Рост продаж

Increases sales

With effective user interaction design, sales increase by almost a third. Responsive design is also important in order for a website to occupy higher positions in search engines, which leads to better organic search results.

Простая навигация

Simplifies navigation

A well-designed customer experience and user interface design mean that your target audience will not feel feeling lost. People are impatient for difficulties and ambiguities, and they won't give your site a second chance.

Притяжение клиентов

Attracts users

Outstanding user interface leads to higher attractiveness for users. If your site looks unique, your visitors will most likely show it to their friends.

Положительные отзывы

Increases user satisfaction

Both UI and UX greatly contribute to increasing user satisfaction. Modern users want everything to be not only simple and fast, but also beautiful.

Легкая адаптация

Facilitates adaptation

An excellent user experience means easier user adaptation and a higher level of implementation. If the user has difficulties on the first two or three screens, he will not hesitate to close the application or website forever.

Снижение процента отсева

Reduces dropout rate

The first impression is what matters, and the user interface is the first impression. If your site does not arouse interest in the first 15 seconds, you can consider the visitor lost.

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